Hopefully one of you wizards will point out where I am going wrong with Pro type titler. Using Vegas Pro 8 c
I have created my title text and positioned it off the title safe area the intention then is to navigate to child at character level and then in the Transform screen enable automation in Y offset and move the first character into the required position on the screen. Having done this the automation time line shows Line, Word, Character each with a cascade box. I select the cascade box on the character line.( Have tried all combinations of Cascade boxes)
When play from start is clicked the letters of the first word move into position one after the other as desired but then stop at the space between words.
There are no presets for my desired action but presets that do use effects at a character level do work across spaces between words.
I would appreciate any suggestion as to what I am missing. I have investigated the keyframes from the presets but can find no difference in the basic settings to what I am doing.

Red Kite