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Thread: How do you find my work? **Video Marketing**

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    Exclamation How do you find my work? **Video Marketing**

    hey guys!
    I'm new in this forums and I'm crazy about creating videos and write screenplay, I love to work into Advertising TV, cartoon and movies but I'm not professional that's why i focus now to improve my creation in Video marketing!
    here are some of my videos:
    [ame=]YouTube - home product tooth whitening, best home tooth whitening product[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - Quich Cash Strategy: Discover how to find Buyer keywords![/ame]

    i need some advices also anything can help me more

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    I found the 'Quick Cash' video more entertaining than the 'Home product' (with the awful audio track). I thought some of the text was amusing.

    I know absolutely nothing about advertising, but doubt there are many last over 2 mins.
    Whilst the animations looked very pretty, they did little to reinforce the message. If the subject is 'words', then why not have occasional text related animation.

    I look forward to seeing more of your work, but am hoping the next ones will be shorter and more to the point. Thanks.

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    Have to say I thought both clips were awful. One thing far to long for an advert. Two. the audio in the first one is computer generated. sounds amateurish.

    You need to learn from watching TV Adverts and see how they do it, some are only 10 seconds long but get the point across. have a look at this link it will give you some ideas.

    They are a professional video company in Newzealand. The website Internet Video Production Online Video Marketing - New Zealand - has video Advertisements for Boats cars farm machinery and property. Well worth a look.

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