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Thread: fight sounds?

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    Default fight sounds?

    for punches, kicks, elbows to the face

    just sound foley for fights and such

    if anyone knows any place for some free or low priced ones it would be much appreciated

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    awesome thanks man!

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    Punch Sound Effects, Hit Sounds, Punch Sound Effect, Hit Sound Clips

    low priced, great quality for all of your hand to hand combat needs!

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    Free are best right? So I found these for you: - Download free sound effects - Download free sound effects

    Also check these out - cost a couple of dollars but worth it if you can't find what you need for free:

    soundscalpel - Sound effects search for "Swish karate punch"
    soundscalpel - Sound effects search for "Slap face hand"
    soundscalpel - Sound effects search for "foley fight"

    I use all the time and swear by them. I also once didn't use a few sounds I paid for and then refunded me without asking for a reason. The other site is how I found soundscalpel as they seem to like them too and link to them a lot but freesfx is also a good site which has high quality sound effects that are all free. But there isn't as much here though!

    Good luck mate!

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