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    Default N7 Series- Short Films

    It's a series about an airbourne virus that a group spreads and are hunted down. There isn't much of a story in the shorts mainly action because we want it to be fast paced and are working on scripts for more story oriented shorts.

    The first is embedded and the rest in the links
    [ame=""]YouTube - N7- Short Film[/ame]

    The rest can be found on my channel and are all responses to eachother on the videos.

    A4 is the second
    C6 is the third

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    Some aspects of this I like, some I didn't. Have you been playing around with the undercrancking as the whole video seemed really jerky, as though you tried to make it look like a Hollywood movie or is this just a YouTube rendering error. I found it very off putting.

    I liked the varied shots, the stunts and good use of music. Quite well edited together.

    Well done.

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    I liked the colouring and the general look. The odd bits of lens glare added to it.

    People won't be surprised to read I was not keen on the wobbly camera work. I often suggest that it's use is limited to action scenes and I think you could have contrasted the high-energy bits with the calmer "take a breater" bits more by not using it throughout. And it really was excessive in places. But I suppose it makes it easier to edit shots together.

    The car driver didn't look at all concerned when the guy in the white tee-shirt (the best of the three in my book) held the gun at his head.

    Unfortunately all credibility was lost within the first few seconds. A man being chased comes up against a stack of pallets of something or other and chooses to climb over the top rather than run around the side in order to hide - the least efficient and slower of the two options available to him? Come on.

    OK, I'll let that one pass, but then it is repeated at 1.31 (where he could have run either side of the obstacle) and a third time where he chooses the most dangerous route of leaping over the car.

    I also thought sound needs a little work. OK you matched the music track well, but when you introduced the "fight" sounds it really needed some grunts or sounds of exhaling - some human sounds - it didn't quite work without.

    You say there's not much of a story, so there's little point in commenting on motivation as you clearly recognise the need for a bit more than just action.

    Despite my criticisms, I thought it was a good attempt. I watched some without the audio and it had a high energy feel so well done indeed.

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    Thanks, yeah I like the feel of hand-held more than tripod static shots, so thats why I went the whole thing handheld. Trying to infuse a Neveldine/Taylor and Paul Greengrass look.

    And it wasn't undercranking, it was shot at a 1/1000 shutter speed so it gives it that look. Only way to shoot fast action on my camera without the image getting blurry.

    In the second one A4 there are some static shots in the opening and a few near the end as well.

    As for the sounds in the fighting, yeah I defiantly need to get some more sound effects, I've been looking for foley sounds so once I get those I'll start using them.

    As for the jumping over the crates and the acting, they're just friends of mine, not serious actors. And the guy who jumped over the crates is just good at jumping over stuff and wanted to just have fun with it so I told him to go ahead.

    But thanks for the feedback, well appreciated.

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