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    The group is called Variety Picnic. The name of the song is Feel That (Boogie in your Jeans)

    [ame=]YouTube - Feel That (Boogie In Your Jeans)[/ame]

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    Yeah liked it a lot, but what's your involvement?


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    It was kind of ok. I didn't get that much humour from it though. Except for the guy with the cowboy hat, I loved the moustache. Who ever was the camera man needs to frame his shots better. He kept cutting off the top of the talents head.

    Like Allison said what is your involvement with the video ?

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    Very nice video, some of it i didnt get like what was the fat chick suppose to be doing. I like how he smacks the girl ass... haha hes a booty bandit.

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    sorry only got to 1min 30, couldnt handle anymore of the auto tune fx on the vocal and lame lyrics

    colour/ lighting on the video was ok.


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    Ever since Cher, I personally also don't like auto-tune and this was a bit too much.

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