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Thread: How is this done?

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    Default How is this done?

    Hi everyone.

    I need some advice from you people

    I would like to make these effects as in this video:

    [ame=]YouTube - Sami Yusuf - You Came To Me[/ame]

    go to 0:33 - The arabic letters in air.

    How to do that? Which software can you recommend.

    I am not new to video editing, but i need some advice in the right direction.

    Appreciate your help

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    You need a program like Adobe After Effects AND a great deal of time and practise to be able to knock off something like this. It uses something called a particle effect.

    HERE is a link to a tutorial website for the software to give you an idea of what is involved.

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    Awesome! Thanks alot mate!

    That was exactly something in that direction what i was looking for.

    I'll try mess with it.

    Thanks alot

    - More input is appreciated, if there is other ways to do it.
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    You can also use this.

    proDAD - Heroglyph -- Titler


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