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Thread: I've been gone far to long(Experimental)

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    Default I've been gone far to long(Experimental)

    I've actually been gone learning about editing more.

    This is an experiment I did to see if I could pull a review style show for class.

    [ame=]YouTube - The Brutal Honest Truth - MIcrosoft Point generators.[/ame]

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    Hi True

    Nice to see you back and posting. Your opening credit lasts 12 seconds before the action kicks in. I feel that is twice as long as it should be. However, when your film actually starts it works well. Nice action and a nice beat that grabbed my attention straight away which is always good.

    However again, that then turns out to be your second intro credit which takes us to 37' before we get any content. I think you could lose a lot of youtube viewers by then.

    The audio sounds like you in a large room and does not match with the video. Its difficult to hear what your saying in your first sentence?

    You need to slide yourself left in the frame and make more room for your graphic.

    Once your into your stride everything is cool but you do tend to repeat yourself a little.

    So thats my feedback on how it can be improved. I should add of course that its clear you have come a long way since we all first met you.

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    Nice to see you back Bob.

    I think Shrimpy has said it all. I thought it was a good message but I wonder why you chose to put the reverb on your voice.

    Anyway I also see a big improvement on your production.

    Well done.

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