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Thread: Saving directly into Media Bins...

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    Hey all, Vegas user here,

    Wondering if there's any way to save newly created files directly into the media bins/interface...

    it's just a HUGE pain to move every single file I record into it as I go
    (Since I voiceover and edit at the same time)

    (Saving files into Vegas' My documents folder SHOULD work, but doesn't... probable b/c Vegas needs it's stupid .sfk file format)

    Please and thank you!

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    Having Project Media on view, select the Media Bin you wish your recording to go into PRIOR to recording and your recording WILL appear there.

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    ah, forgot something...

    was trying to use 3rd party ware (Audacity)

    any way to quickly get recordings into Vegas without using in software plugins?

    (That or I misunderstood you : )

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack777 View Post
    ah, forgot something... was trying to use 3rd party ware (Audacity)
    Quite important, right there!

    If a 3rd Party s/w company has NOT produced a 3rd party plug for Vegas, how would you think it would operate/synchronise with Vegas? Even in Windows Movie Maker you have to import files? Or can Audacity plop recorded files INTO a WMM Project too?

    Solution? Use Vegas to Record.

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    Vegas can record directly onto the timeline and it allows multiple takes.

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    Yess... starting those tutorials :P

    But I have years of experience with audacity and like I do every different recording with like 2 different effects...

    Maybe I can keep audio tracks effected to slight pitch bend, then drop new tracks there

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