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Thread: HDV 720p Youtube (uploading problem)

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    Default HDV 720p Youtube (uploading problem)

    Hello guys,

    I'm using Premiere pro cs4 and been working on a video for some time, now that its done i wanted to upload it on Youtube, but i ran into a problem, i will provide the information below.

    The sequence settings i used while editing;

    Editing mode: HDV 720p
    Timebase: 29.97fps

    Video Settings
    Frame size: 1280h 720v (1.0000)
    Frame rate: 29.97 frames/second
    Pixel Aspect Ratio: Square Pixels (1.0)
    Fields: No Fields (Progressive Scan)

    Now that it's done i exported it with;


    Now when its exported with the Fields: No Fields (Progressive Scan) settings it doesnt play smooth, it looks laggy as shown in this video:

    Now i exported it with Lower field first and the video runs perfectly smooth, it turned out the best settings. Now comes the problem, when i upload it on youtube it ends up looking like this:

    Distored and messed up....

    So the thing is that Progressive field settings makes the video look laggy in and outside Youtube, but Lower or upper field first settings makes the video perfectly smooth... BUT when uploaded on youtube it looks distorted.

    Is there anyone that would know the a solution to this problem?

    Thanks in advance.

    EDIT* I have changed the video format to mpg2, this solved the problem
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    Have you tried upper field first to complete the set.

    I always upload to YouTube as a progressive video. It sometimes looks a little jerky but it's usually acceptable.

    In your examples the first one looks ok to me. The second one I agree looks awful.

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    Both lower and upper field settings look correct but distorted when uploaded on YT

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    I don't know if this is the case here but sometimes YouTube takes a while to render the better quality settings and does look better when it's fully done.

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    The first one plays fine for me ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shrimpfarmer View Post
    The first one plays fine for me ?
    If you look closely you see that it doesnt play smooth, it's like tiny pauses between frames

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    I'm curious about why you have H264 PAL selected when you are using 29.97 fps as this is the frame rate of NTSC , not sure it would make any difference, but if my video was captured at 29.97 I would select NTSC as the default and see how it renders.


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    Good point bryan, Mixing frame rates is not a good idea if you can help it. BUT I still don't see a problem with the progressive test.

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    Yes it shouldn't make any difference as long as the video encoding matches the capture frame rate, unless the default in premiere was set to PAL at 25fps and a video at 29.97 was used, even if you then tell it to encode at 29.97 it could be upsetting Premiere by over riding it's default PAL setting,

    I no I'm grabbing at straws here, but I haven't been able to check out the video's, they've been deleted from Youtube, but my thinking is that some how Youtube is being instructed by the file download that it's a PAL video and doesn't have 29.97 fps, as part of the PAL video system and is screwing up the encoding.

    If the video's go on Youtube again it would be worth checking them out with WebVideoCap.exe to see what they're being encoded at.


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    Ok, i was having lots of problems with my audio and video while uploading to youtube. The thing that helped me keep it synchronized and prevent video 'lagging' is switching the CBR to VBR. As far as i understand its something about the actualy video weight per second limit or something like that, anyways, it should make your video not getting stuck on youtube.

    Let me know if it helps ya out!

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