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Thread: video publicity i did

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    Default video publicity i did

    hi guys,

    i did a little video publicity for a contest we have here now in canada

    tell me what you think about it please


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    Personally, I found it a bit long; I would reduce the hobbling scene a bit.
    The camera seems to have even lower quality than mine. The picture is blurry and short of colour. I would have preferred more audio to lead up to the kick. The lighting from the front lit the packet, but not the talent's head.

    Yesterday I saw a video of a guy drinking alot of syrup. Today, a man kicking a packet of food. Good luck with the contest, but I regret the video does not entice me to engage in food abuse sports.

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    I'm in agreement with Tim. A full 20 seconds elapsed before the bag was kicked. If that length was to be retained, maybe cut with a few close up shots of the protagonist with a look of intense concentration on his face?

    I'm off to beat an egg now!
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    No idea what to say about this one ? Down with bag abuse !!!!

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    Default ok ok ok

    thanks for the answers guys .

    for the camera quality , its the only one i have and its not digital or new at all :P

    about the lenght in the beggining the idea was to built a momentum for people to think , humm what is he gonna do ???

    i was alone doing that , no one was holding the camera so i could not zoom but it would have been nice .

    thanks for the constructive critics i apreciate

    later guys


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