Please can you help? I recently borrowed a Handycam DCR-TRV33E (mini tape) camcorder for a trip to Thailand and have taken a number of movies and recorded these on the mini tapes that are a component of the camera. That might have been my first mistake! I am now completely baffled as I am unable to 'extract' the movies from the camera. I have tried installing the software (ImageMixer) that is bundled with this camcorder, but can only get low res movie files when connected via USB (which I think must be USB 1) and use the USB Streaming facility on the camera. I have read the (very poor) manual from cover to cover and cannot see how it is possible to extract movie files at high res.
I do not have an iLink cable (which is another way of connecting the camera to a pc, I understand). Do I need to get one of these in order to extract the files from the camera? It seems unlikely that my pc has an appropriate iLink connector.
I have tried using the svideo connection into the graphics card on my pc, but I cannot get the pc to see the camcorder. I have also tried the A/V connection cables but, although I can view the movies on my television, I can't see how I can then retrieve the image files from the tele! I do not own a DVD recorder nor a Video Cassette recorder. I do own a Topfield PVR, but I don't think that this can record FROM an external device.
My ideal would be to directly connect the camcorder to my iMac and extract the files directly into iMovie, but it would seem even more difficult than getting the movies off the camera via a Windows PC. I am using Windows XP.
Any thoughts please?