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Thread: FUNNY vidéo

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    Talking FUNNY vidéo

    Go and watch this video

    please, send it to all your friends

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    Well there's 51 seconds of my life I'll never get back.

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    LOL MB... I won't go that far by saying anything similar to what you said, but that repetitive music had me a step away from throwing my laptop through the window
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    Quote Originally Posted by tikitri View Post
    please, send it to all your friends
    Particularly the ones you want to lose.

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    I think he did us all a favour, it reminds us of the joys of owning vinyl. Now who remembers the cure when the record got stuck?

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    I use to put a penny on the stylus head. Worked for a while but the record sounded crackly afterwards.

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    Do Doritos have some sort of permanent competition going on to find the worst video ever (yet not so bad as to be even mildly amusing)?

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    When you put it like that Tim, it's a real art to pitch the video at just the right level to achieve that.

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    Woah what the heck did i just watch.

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