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Thread: Im new and was wondering if someone could make me an introduction.... (For youtube)

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    Default Im new and was wondering if someone could make me an introduction.... (For youtube)

    Hi all, i just got sony vegas, but im really confused.... Im just about to start making videos for youtube filming me playing xbox, but i was wondering if someone could make me an introduction that does this....

    TheGamingBasterds comes up on a black backdrop, with white writing, that is bulky and looks like rocks, then you hear a gun shot, and it explodes.... You guys are the experts so just do something along those lines, and in all my youtube vids i will give you the credit, and post a link to your youtube account (If you have one) If you can do it for me, please give me a pm or post on this thread I hope this isnt to much to ask.... This is an example of something i want!

    YouTube - ONLYUSEmeBLADE's Channel

    You see the introduction were it says "Onlyusemeblade" and its gets cut up? Well something like that if possible That would be great! As i said before, make it what you think is good!

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    good videos! i like the effects you're using, i'm internet marketer and i need some help to doing as you doing too!

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