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Thread: Can I add a clickable link to videos.

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    Default Can I add a clickable link to videos.

    I want to see if I can add links on the video that people can click and it will take them to the product page.

    I cannot find any info on how to do this.

    Can you do this?

    Please advise.



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    Do you mean in YouTube ? If so yes. I don't know about others

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    So how do I add a link to it?

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    This may help but I've just found out you can only link to other places on YouTube so I guess it's no good for you.

    Adding a "Hot Spot" is more of a webmaster thing not a video thing. I would recommend Webmaster sites for further help.
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    I know how to use annotations on Ebay. I am talking about adding a link with AVS so it would be a link on Youtube, Facebook, by blog etc..

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    Can't be done.

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