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Thread: Need some music/sound design? We need your footage!

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    Default Need some music/sound design? We need your footage!

    We are a songwriting team looking to improve our skill in the area of sound for visuals. We have taken a few projects but wish to further improve by asking for any footage you may have that you would be willing to allow us to sound design and score to. We would like to then use the footage on our website as part of our portfolio and you would be most welcome to use the sound design for similar purposes. We would not be using the footage to retrieve any profit.
    Please feel free to check us out at
    Any clips you could supply would be much appreciated.

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    Sounds a very fair trade to me.

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    sound idea

    see what i did there

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    Looks straight up to me.

    What sort of footage are you looking for? We have all sorts of videomakers on this forum.

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    Do you think you could do something with this ?

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