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    Alright guys,

    Revueo Episode 1

    I have recently started a weekly movie review show called REVUEO. This isn't your regular boring review.

    It's done by very sarcastic and sometimes funny film students. We review the latest cinema releases and cast our eyes over a classic DVD.

    We then create a short comedy skit loosely based on the film for your enjoyment.

    This week
    Fight Club

    Check it out at

    Feedback always appreciated.

    Episode 1

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    Ok lads you need to know where I'm comming from with this review of your review show. I have the same view as when it comes to students. So this is the level of bias I had to over come.

    I thought you film reviews were lacking substance. Especially the Fight Club review talking about the CGI or they didn't cast a hottie and saying it's about fighting is kind of missing the point of the movie. I thought the Invictus skit was quite funny though.

    I'll give it a 3 Alright.

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    I completely agree with you. You're right the reviews are lacking in substance but that's not what we were going for. If you want an indepth review of fight club read a article on the internet, there are hundreds I'm sure.

    We were going for entertainment value and hoped it was something a little different. I'm glad you liked the skit

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    Quote Originally Posted by ctbullet View Post

    We were going for entertainment value and hoped it was something a little different.
    I watched it before reading the above and have to say I was a little disappointed to read it. It suggests that the very bits I was going to recommend you leave out or reduce to a minimum are the bits you think are entertaining and different.

    Anyway... here goes.

    There are some good production values here. The title sequence is great as are the lower thirds.

    The setup in the studio works well with the three of you on stools against a black background, with studio paraphenalia scatterd around.

    You speak clearly and intelligently and the sound was very good (no so much so in the skits).

    I liked the three shot & two twoshot setup but felt you could benefit from a few more cutaways to maybe extereme closeups. Maybe shoot some ranmdom shots of hands on laps, feet, close up profiles even lights/stands/mics, just to relieve the monotony even more.

    Watch colour balance: the three shot was totally different to the two two shots.
    This was bad enough to make me do a double take a few times.

    I liked the way the three of you worked together. No awkward pauses and no talking over the top of each other. Not only did you avoid these problems but it sounded very natural at the same time.

    Knowing what was comin up, I was wincing at the idea of the skits, but have to say I think they provided a worthy and useful break in the proceedings. Just be careful they don't become too long - the FC one began to drag a bit.

    Onto the main content. I can understand that you didn't want to add "just another review" to the existing plethora available and want to make something entertaining, but you really should have a bit more failth in yourselves. The parts of you discussing the films were, to me, the most entertaining sections of the piece.

    The suggestion I was going to make is the one you are clearly going to disregard given the line I quoted at the beginning of this. But here it is:

    Talk about the films and not about each other.
    (eg the comments early on about one guy's hand movements) This suggestion can possibly be relaxed when you've become national personalities. As it stands it reeks of "in" jokes which alienates the viewer.

    If something crops up which you find funny, by all means keep it in
    (after establishing that people other than the three of you will also find it funny) but don't milk it. (eg the business about discussing fight club was amusing but then you killed it by going on and on and on (so it seemed) about it).

    I can assure you that this will make it a better production, it will be different because it's a slightly different format anyway (a three way discussion, cleanly filmed, rather than some sad-ass doing a vlog in his bedroom) and if you're achieveing this now, if you concentrate on reviewing the films, over the next few episodes, your personalities will develop and your humour will come through anyway.

    Lets face it, people who aren't interested in films (other than your family, friends and potential employers) aren't going to be watching anyway. So talk about the films in a light hearted but serious manner and it will be entertaining. Keep the out and out attempts at humour for the skits.

    Do this and I think you'll have a winning formula.

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    Thanks very much for your awesome feedback Tim.

    I do agree with the in-jokes reference now I think about it. I study and live with those guys so we have many and don't always realise we're doing it. I'll tell them and we'll try and tame the in-jokes a little.

    Glad you enjoyed it

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    Quote Originally Posted by ctbullet View Post
    Thanks very much for your awesome feedback Tim.
    We aim to offend...erm, I mean please

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