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Thread: where is the wmv 720x576 preset?

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    Default where is the wmv 720x576 preset?


    I am using adobe premiere elements 4.
    I have a 12 min video to put on a website for downloading. It was filmed in widescreen and says it is 720576. I am trying to export as a WMV but there is no 720576 preset. When i try to use the HD preset of 720p (25fps) the file size is 475.9MB (1280 x 720)

    1) I am totally new to this but does that sound too big?
    will it take too long to download or is it ok?

    2) should i just use the advanced tab and change the frame width to 576 (just type it in even thought the file size remains the same?

    3) If i change the bitrate to constant the file size is reduced to 60.8MB. Does that sound right or is that too small?

    4) What should the average file size be for each minute with 720x576 and 720x1280?

    I have been searching the net for 3 hours and am pulling my hair out
    Any help is greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance.

    (Laymans terms coz im new pls

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    720576 is NOT HD,
    720p is 1280x720, not quite the same .

    You should be using the DV Widescreen Preset, and then export as DV, that will be your "master" file. From this, you then encode to what ever you choose, where this is WMV for web download, or H.264 for you ipod.

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    Default No joy with WMV export

    Thanks but thats no help. Still dont know if file is too big for web download. Still dont know how to reduce the size. Still dont know how to use bitrate to reduce the file size. Still dont know how to export as WMV with 720x576.

    Can somebody answer in respect to my original 4 questions please?


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    Just export as DV, there is not need to set bitrate etc when exporting to DV as everthing is set automatically to conform to the DV Specs.

    In answer to your questions...

    1) For HD video, that file size is awesome IMO
    2) The Bitrate controls the files size, not the video resolution. use the same frame size as your project.
    3) Once you mstart messing around with bitrates, you're in a world of hurt. a variable bit rate should in theory give a smaller file size, sue to the bitrate increasing suring intense video moments, such as lots of movement, and the bitrate decreases as there is less movement.
    4) Completely dependant on the codec

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    I have tried that but the problem remains. I saved as a DV PAl widescreen. Then tried to encode(?) share it as a WMV but the WMV 720x576 is still not there and when i save as HD 720p (1280x720) the file size is the same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kassidy777 View Post
    2) should i just use the advanced tab and change the frame width to 576 (just type it in even thought the file size remains the same?
    Yes. The height of the WMV will become 576.
    If you intend to use it alot, I believe you can save it as a new 'preset'.

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