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Thread: tired with Pixela!!!

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    Default tired with Pixela!!!

    Hi everybody. I'm a newbee. I had Canon Vixia HF11 for 5 mo. Made movies. AVCHD and DVD formats. They are not bad at all. But I'm not satisfied wih bonded Pixela Image mixer 3SE. I feel there should be some better software. Does somebody now what else I can use for editing camera footage?
    I would like to add music (so hard in Image mixer!!!), to get more titles etc.
    Thank you!!!

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    The new Corel Pro X3 is getting some good reviews, I have the Corel Pro X2 and although it has some problems it's still a good editor, from what I have read they have completely re done the soft ware in Pro X3 and got rid of the glitches it had in Pro X2, and increased the options especially for uploading to Vimeo and Youtube in HD 720P, still I'm a bit brassed off that they haven't made a patch available to up grade Pro X2.


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