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    Hey everyone!

    I bought a Macbook Pro this week along with Adobe Premiere Pro and I'm having (what looks to be) a small issue. Whenever I import a clip that I've converted into MPEG4 (I've also tried DV), it cuts off the side of my clip and messes with the aspect ratio. I've tried many different settings when starting a new project, but everytime it still does this. When I play the clip in VLC or Quicktime, the widescreen format is there, but when I import it into Premiere it cuts the sides off, even after setting it to NTSC 16:9 or custom size 720 x 480. Is there a default setting that I'm missing that's causing it to format to 4:3? At least that's what it looks like... Please help! I've looked everywhere and can't find any info. Let me know if you need more information.

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    1. Convert to DV
    2. Import
    3. Right click on the file in your bin,
    4. Interpret Footage -> pixel aspect ration (PAR), set this to DV Wideoscreen, PAL or NTSC, depending if your from PAL lane or NTSC(America)
    5. Click okay.


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