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    Hello I'm new here. I do some amateur movie editing and I want to create my own Intro/Logo before all my movies - like the MGM Lion Roar or the Dreamwork Angel fishing from the clouds found at the begining of movies. I was wondering if anyone knows what programs are available to get this done. PC or Mac. Please advise..... Thanks.

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    We all go through this when we start out.

    To be honest, the limiting factor here is your imagination rather than s/w.

    Pretty much any NLE will do. I pieced mine together in Premiere Pro (check out my recent comp entry, Final Hit, on these forums - my opening banner is the first 19 seconds of that). Ok, I used a few handy plugin effects but it was all done in Premiere Pro.

    There's a good chance that what you dreamup will require at least two pieces of footage that will need compositing somehow. you're then dangerously close toneeding some special s/w like Adobe After Effects (You can tell I;m an Adobe fan eh?).

    What s/w do you have already and what sort of 'effects' do you want top put in you clip. the question can be much more easily answered when we know what you want to do. When you already have a storyboard in your hand the question can more easilly be answered.

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    Yep, come on, tell us what you want to do! Different programs do things in different ways, so give us some idea of what you want your intro to be, and then we can advise you.

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    Particle Illusion is fab for funky effects. Heres a collection of my obvious clips in one video.

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    I used Eovia Carrara Studio 3. A very good 3d application.

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    I'm not really sure what I want to do yet. Sometimes I work a little backwords. I see what medium I have before anything creative flows. Then sometimes I do the opposite. Crazy! A bit of a creative pendulum. Nonetheless, I have a start!

    Being a newbie, I didn't even know what to enter into a search engine when researching this need. So now that I've typed "NLE Non-Linear Editing Systems" I'm getting sorted.

    Any other advise would be great. Thanks all for the start. Cheers.

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