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    hello im new to making dvd and was wondering if my video card was up to scratch for burning dvds as the quality im getting is not bad but not as good as whats on my cam before i capture i have a nvidia geforce 7050 /nvidia nforce 620i video card is this a good enough card?? i capture from a sony hd 1000p camcorder and quality is great on cam but not when i burn to dvd
    i use nero 8 to burn any help i would be most greatfull

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    The problem is not your graphics card. It's probably the settings you use in nero 8. Please don't ask me the next obvious question because I've never used nero 8 so I don't know how or what settings you can change to make it better.

    One thing you have to realise is if you shoot in HD, when you burn it to a DVD you have changed it to SD. This will account for some of the picture quality loss.

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    thank u 4 ur help


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