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    Hey everyone, you have a great looking forum here. I use Adobe premiere 6.5, but I have a friend who bought the pinnacle studio 9 package (it came with software and the capture card). We're not have problems with it (yet ). We are having problems with capturing in nero or windows movie maker. Movie maker is not reading the pinnacle card, and nero is not giving us any sound. Is there a compatibility issue with this pinnacle card?

    I know that nero and movie maker are primitive programs, but my friend is not very versed in this stuff, and these programs suit him better than the more advanced ones. I would love to be able to synch them with his pinnacle capture card. By the way, he's dealing all in analog.

    Thanks a million for any help.

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    Welcome to the forums!

    May seem like an obvious question, but why not use Pinnacle Studio to capture?

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    Yeah, we're capturing in pinnacle now. Which is the way to go (as far as I'm concerned). The gentleman that I'm helping is a little intemidated about the pinnacle program, and I wanted to give him another option or two.

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    In truth, it doesn't get that much easier than Pinnacle Studio!

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    I know. Pinnacle is much more restricted and limited than what I'm used to, but this guy is an old dog (I say respectfully). He uses nero and movie maker for slide shows, and he would like to use either of those programs to capture and edit. In fact, he doesn't do any editing. He simply transfers vhs to dvd. He used to use a simple vhs player and dvd recorder, but he likes having the computer do the work. Plus he likes being able to add his amateurish videographer logo at the end the footage. I'm just tyin to help a brother out. But I agree with you all the way.

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    As Marc has mentioned, Pinnacle is the simplest way to capture and a very, very easy program to learn with. No it is not as powerful as some major programs out there but it works very well for those of us who just like to tinker in this great hobby. I am sure that you could take just 30 minutes and show your friend how to capture with Pinnacle.

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