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Thread: First post - Videoclip from Spain

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    Default First post - Videoclip from Spain

    I hope you like music video.
    I'm waiting your opinions.
    My english isn't perfect, but I expect a good communication with you.

    The music video has been produced without money.

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    Ok kind of interesting. It's not exactly original but I thought you did it very well. The main character played his part, walking backward, very convincingly.

    I thought the giving/taking the cigarette was clever. I like the idea of the mirror section but I think it lasted to long, I suppose you needed him to do something until the singing started again.

    I'd be interested to know how long it took you before you managed to get it done in one take.

    Well done. A very interesting video.

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    excellent adrede really enjoyed that..... so much in fact i watched it three times

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    Oh! Thanks

    I posted my video on video forums from spain, but i like know the opinion of the people from USA and UK.

    We had three hours to rehearse, and three hours to record. (not always sunny in Spain)

    We had to repeat fifteen times before ending the first time all take.

    At the end, we had sixty shots but only four were ok.

    Do you like the song?

    Please, if I make errors to write, correct me.

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    Well, it was really well blocked and coordinated. My only critic is that the lip-sync was off quite a bit from the recording. Had the lead character been in lip-sync, and a wee bit more animated, it would have been much better. As for the song, good sound, well mixed. I liked it.

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    Digger, have you tried singing a song backwards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    Digger, have you tried singing a song backwards.
    Doh!!! I never even thought of that.
    In that case, WELL DONE!

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    Ok so that was a really good little film. But you want feedback on how to improve. First, if your hoping to appeal to the youtube crowd then forgo the slow credits at the beginning and punch into the song. For this particular movie it needs something impactive right from the get go to hook the audience in and keep them. Your effects were all well executed but they grew stronger as the movie progressed and some tubers may have bailed by then.

    The song was ok but not particularly strong. My favourite section was the birds taking off, the newspaper on the bike.

    Good effort, and your english is so much better than my Spanish,

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    Not bad at all. Only three hours rehearsal and three hours recording. That's impressive.
    Was it inspired by this?

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    I see many fakes in video, but the audience doesn't know the script.

    The start credits are long, it's true. When I thought this, the video was already uploaded.

    Anyway, I think that if you can`t wait ten seconds to see my job then I don´t want your opinion. I know it to the next time.

    We have been inpired in this:

    Cine Metaluna: "¿Tiene el libro de Caperucita Roja en sueco?"

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