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Thread: Please help with video!!

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    Default Please help with video!!

    Sorry if this off topic but with my small town and lack of funds for our police department especially for video department they cant seem to help me here. I have a business and in the past year I have been broken into 3 times. I think I have very good video of the car but I can't get the tag to come in it is blurry from my security cam out back of the building. If anyone can help or break the video down and zoom in just anything to help get the tag number or partial number I can give it to our police to help catch these guys. I have a DVR system that records in a .DAV but I have converted that to .AVI also. If there is anyway that you think you can help me please let me know and I will get the video to you. Thank you very much for your time and help, I know that you do not need to help but if anyone possible can you will be my hero and help stop these guys. or just reply to this post I think it will send me a message back. I just uploaded the file, here is the download link.

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