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    Hey guys, wondering what people think of my video. I'm putting together alot of ideas i've had over the last year.

    All suggestions welcome [ Except the, "go to hell and die" ones ]


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    Not a bad concept but lacking in ideas. SUrely you could have come up with more interesting things for the main character to do whilst "off" camera.
    Watch your sound. Levels were all over the place. Couldn't hear the girl in the video at all.

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    Thanks for the advice.

    With the ideas, i meant that i have had alot of ideas for little skits like this over the last year, and i was actually putting them to life now.

    First time user of Sony vegas / handy cams. Learnt everything off the net.

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    I think Tim said it all. It's easy to loose track of the sound when your concentrating on the images.

    Good first effort with Vegas.

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    I think your ideas are good and some bits made me laugh, especially the scene with the bears although it went on too long. Good luck with your future episodes.

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