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Thread: All in Wonder Radeon problems

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    Default All in Wonder Radeon problems

    The card worked fine under Windows 98, and although I never used the capture facility from a VHS recorder, the TV capture worked. I then switched to XP and as the graphics side worked, I didn't bother with the capture or TV as at the time I was not into video. Now I am and am trying to get the capture side working.

    Upgraded all software and drivers from ATI site
    Graphics work OK - no TV, no capture, no Control Panel
    Deleted all graphics card related software via Device Manager and Unload software
    Clean install of all software according to the letter of ATI's instructions (yes - I read them!)
    Graphics work fine
    Control Panel is supposedly loaded according to task Manager, but doesn't display
    So can't get access to capture software even by trying to run the various exe files in the ATI folders

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Hi, you didn't specify what card you have i have ATI 8500DV AIW you have to make sure to download the newest catalyst drivers for your card then when you go to download site to ati DON'T just download the newst drivers cause they wont work on the 8500 DV series go here

    there you can finde the older drivers download the make sure to delete the one you have.

    Hope it works.

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    upps sorry it sounded a little confusing i ment download the newest catalyst drivers for Videocard but not the newst for the multimedia drivers cause they don't work on older cards

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    Default AllinWonder Card

    Hi Eugen
    Thanks for the response.

    I can't find the driver number you mention but there is this
    The ATI Catalyst 3.10 display driver bundle does not include ATI's proprietary Display Panel controls. To obtain this support you will also require the ATI Control Panels bundle.

    WDM Capture Driver version is required for capture support on ALL-IN-WONDER and VIVO products.

    CATALYST™ 3.10 Single Bundle (Display Driver, Control Panel, WDM, Capture)

    DAO/MDAC Component Package

    ATI DVD Decoder Bundle
    (Requires original installation CD for RADEON™ 9000/9200/9500/9600/9700/9800 series product to validate DVD decoder update.)

    ATI Multimedia Center

    MMC Release Notes

    HYDRAVISION Full Edition 3.25.0006 (optional)

    HYDRAVISION Basic Edition 3.25.9006(optional)

    Remote Wonder Software 2.2
    I presume that what I need is the "WDM Capture Driver version is required for capture support on ALL-IN-WONDER and VIVO products".

    It would seem that I should go for the earliest lot of software that supports my card on XP.

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    Welcome to ATI driver hell.

    I had to uninstall and reinstall a lot to get my ATI AIW Radeon working properly. I upgraded something and that broke something else. I am running Win2K and I now have most stuff working nicely, although I use a separate TV application because ATI doesn't allow you to capture TV and compress in real time to XviD which I can do with this other TV app.

    However please note there is also a patch for Windows 2000 because the capture / TV drivers were broken by a change in Windows, this might be the case for XP too, so make sure you've done a full Windows Update and stuff.


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    Default ATI AIW

    I am glad I am not alone in ATI hell

    I obviously broke something as well, so had laready tried deleting every single thing I could find about ATI and then re-installed the lot. The error appears to be in using the latest download. As for XP, I do have that up to date with all the latest patches. However your suggestion has made me think a trawl through MS's database might turn up spmething useful.

    I am going to go back to an early version and see if that helps as suggested by Eugen.

    Watch this space!

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    Ya men let me know if you are sucesfull with the task i have another question running in this forum about the Firewire troubles i have with my 8500DV AIW so i tryd lately to install a few new drivers and ended up in ati hell :twisted: so i had to delete everything i had from ati i even went into regestry and deleted every string that contained ATI well after that it foung the adapter again and asked what driver to install cause before freaking windows would automatically install the driver that i previously tryd to delete well let me give you the drivers info on this card of mine running in Win XP home with SP1 and every freaking update possible

    Video driver : -

    Multimedia: - tv-capture-wdm-6-13-10-6125

    i even created a folder on my desctop for ati and downloaded a few different versions of the drivers to experiment with them make sure tho to write down the ones that don't work.

    Good luck man

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    AVOID driver 4.10 at all costs..If you are using a All In Wonder card.
    Dual XP 1800 Radeon 9700 Pro All In Wonder
    1 gig ram...

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