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Thread: New Member requests help.

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    Please can you assit. I am new to this video forum and I expect I am in the wrong section.

    EDIT: Moved to General Software Section (Mod)

    I can see anywhere to place a new thread. Anyway..heres muu problem I am making a video for ,my wife for valentines day ( too late now but still) onm AVS video editing I want the images ( the video overlays) to fade in and out of the time line video at the top.. the main video, .At present they just jump in and jump out. But I cant see any way to do this..any suggestions?

    Bill Saint.
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    I am not totally familiar with that software but what you are looking for is the ability to apply video effects to properties that are in the overlay track. In this case I am assuming you want to have the images fade in or out more gracefully.
    From a quick look at their site it appears that you can only apply video effects to the video in the main timeline and not the overlay track.

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