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Thread: Video too dark help please

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    Default Video too dark help please

    Dear all,

    I'm new here and I've got a video which is too dark.
    It is a video I made at night of 2 guys destroying cars on a parking lot here.
    They've been doing this for a couple times, so at one night I took my camera and waited until 4.45 am until they got back completely drunk and started doing this.

    The video needs to go to the police but I first want to brighten it up so thing are more visible else in court they might say the video is way too dark and nothing is visible while with some editing it can be a lot better.

    Can anyone do that for me who has got a lot experience or can you tell me besides brightness and contrast what other things I could do best to make the video better?

    Here it is:

    Downloadable via rapidshare:

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    I suggest. Never tamper with evidence. Give it, unchanged to a law officer.

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    I've taken a look at the footage Your right it's just too dark. There has to be information there to be enhanced and in this footage there just isn't enough information to enhance the picture. You can't even make out the number plate of the car. As for any chance of identifying the people sorry fella it's just to bad I can't help you nail these scumbags. Like Tim said give what you have to the police.

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    Concerning the license plate I already fixed that myself.

    With a screenshot and photoshop.

    But when I was working in premiere I did see that the images became better, my only point is that you can see those two people walking on the street.
    I managed (as a complete newbie) to already do this a bit but I'm confident that with your help more can be revealed.

    Else tell me how I can try to do this at least then I can try to get more out of it.
    And it is not tampering with evidence in my opinion just clearing it up like adjusting the brightness on the part where I revealed the license plate

    It doesn't matter if it looks unnatural the video, for example if it has a greenish colour or anything, as long as the video doesn't look as dark anymore and has these people more visible.
    Another thing i wanted to mention is that i'm not wanting to identify their faces, just the things i mentioned above here.

    Cheers, thanks in advance.
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    I'm glad you managed to get some of the number plate. I'm not an expert at this more forensic side of video editing. Perhaps there may be others who could do better than me.

    Good luck.

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    Should I put it in another topic then so more people can have a look at it?

    Or who's the expert here on this board who can possibly give me some tips on what kind of things I need to do to get this lighter.
    Or is there maybe another discussion board which also discusses video editing?

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    You've had 90 people look at this thread so It doesn't need moving. Perhaps it's just that they don't think it's possible. Especially with the wmv file. I don't know if the original video was any better resolution but I doubt it will be good enough to identify the people.

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    I don't want to identify those people, I know who they are...
    The only point is that I want the video to be lighter...
    But I don't know what to do besides brightness and contrast while I'm sure they are more tricks...but I just don't know the other options...

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    Suggestion - The relative brightnesses of different colours.

    For example, a dark green car may look black; but the camera has actually recorded a non-black pixel. By making all the 'dark greens' into something less black (e.g. yellow), more information might appear.

    Perhaps more details could be seen by overlaying frames with each other, using masks (key) to highlight the differences. Whilst 'noise' will still appear, anything else is a movement of something.

    Sadly, even my my Premiere CS4 can't do image forensics like they do in the TV show 'CSI Miami' :(

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    Well I tried couple of these things but as I'm quite a newbie to premiere I still can't get it much better.
    Is there anyone who has some spare time who wants to look at it to see how good his/her skills are ?

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