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Thread: timecode syncronizing to audio

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    Default timecode syncronizing to audio

    hi, i've been trying sync audio to video and finding it difficult to sync video to an audio that was not recorded with a timecode from a camcorder.i heard of "smte" (not sure of the spelling)and i was wondering if someone could tell me what my options are or an inexpensive alternative to spending a fortune. i'm editing with premiere 6.5 thanks in advance for any help.

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    so youre not capturing with firewire?
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    hi,yes i am using firewire. sorry, i'm new to this.what i want to do is shoot live bands with 2 or 3 cameras and get the audio from the pa mixer and edit the different camera shots to that audio. i have not actually tried this yet, just wondering how to i could do this. can't find anything on this in premiere instructions.

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    Hi Mojo

    I've not been paying too much attention recently, and I've just seen your post.

    Did you get an answer from elsewhere?

    If your cameras have their own soundtrack? If so, you can bring them into Premier, expand the soundwave, and match it that way, if you can't do it the timecode way. Look for the same soundwave 'shape', and line it up exactly. It's possible to get frame accurate, I've done it.

    Then bring in the master soundtrack from the PA and do the same thing. Once you have the soundwaves lined up, the video must be as well. Then you can mute the sound from the cameras and just keep the PA sound. I have made a vid of live bands, from 2 cameras, using the sound from just one camera, that way.

    If you overlay the video tracks, then cut 'windows' in them at appropriate places, you will cut from one camera to the other, while keeping the same sound throughout.

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    Hiya Mojo
    We quite often shoot a 2 or 3 camera shoot so here is a little tip as to how we do it.

    You need to keep all cameras recording at all times. Turn all cameras on to record as soon as shooting is about to start. Then with a digital camera, the flash sync set to one fifthieth of a second (as long as you are using PAL), fire the flash at a point where all video cameras are pointed. One complete frame will be white where the flash has gone off so sync all video timelines to this, but only use one cameras audio.

    Had a few beers now but hope this makes sense to you

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