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Thread: My first video!!! "Bittersweet Symphony" a mj mix

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    Default My first video!!! "Bittersweet Symphony" a mj mix

    Hi, i'm interested in making sports mixtapes and here is my first attempt at it. Its a vid of michael jordan. I realize that i have no real editing and computer skills, so can anyone recommend a good video editing program for me to use? I used Window Movie Maker and that kept crashing on me like every 5min, and it had no cool effects or transitions...anyway, any help will be greatly appreciated. Here's the vid, if you need a repost, just ask cuz the links expire.

    "Bittersweet Symphony" (104mb)

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    First off welcome to the forums.

    Looks like you had fun making it mate...

    but theres a couple of things you need to bear in mind about internet downloads: the file size is HUGE as you've used a bitrate of >2,000, which is mad for online distribution; and a lot of the footage is interlaced, so you get that "combing" noise.

    additinally, think about the music and how it fits with your video. The words may seem appropriate, but the beat and style aren't right. Think about synching the music with the video, they should be treated as one, not seperately.

    Finally, film your own content Get just a cheapo £99 camera if you can't afford a proper cam, but do start filming your own stuff...
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    Seems the links have expired already.
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