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Thread: Need help picking a camera for interviews/gigs

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    Default Need help picking a camera for interviews/gigs


    I run a music webzine and do alot of band interviews and live filming at gigs.
    At the moment im using a VERY budget setup of FlipHD's and an Old Sony DV camera but now the sites getting bigger I really wanna up the game a bit

    Im looking to try get a camera that would be suitable for around 600

    It needs to be something with a great picture which would be as good in low light (Aka gigs) and most importantly have a mic input. I know u can buy some sort of box for a camera so that you can plug XLR/Jack mics into the?. This is something that wud be perfect for doing band interviews.

    Also any advice on those XLR mic input boxes and where cheapest to get them wud be great and if anyone knows of a good mic that would work great as an overhead boom mic for interviews that isn't to expensive that would help as well

    Thanks for reading and any help you can give!

    Chris x

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    I don't like to say this but your budget is a bit low for what you say you need. I suppose you have to get what you can afford. You could easily spend your whole budjet on the mic alone.

    One good bit of news is the XLR to mini jack problem is easily cured with a cheap converter cable for around 10 from somewhere like Maplins.

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    Yeh totally understand that

    Camera is first thing to get. Budget is just for that and ill get mics as I can basically.

    Just need a camera with a fairly decent built in mic to last me till then really

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    I know you will probably not follow this advice but I would keep the FlipHD and get yourself a really good mic. The sound, especially interviews, in a video is a very important part of what you are producing.

    If you read a lot of the critiques in the user videos section there is a lot of mention about handling poor sound.

    Anyway good luck with what ever you do.

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    Problem with the Flip though is no mic input so can't use a mic with them.

    Main thing I want at the moment is just a good camera that I can then build on by buying mics etc at a later date. At least ill have good picture quality and can get the same sound (or better) than the flip for the time being. Just want something thats going to make the videos look professional with a nice clean image. Plus the Flip has a very bad zoom so is quite limited and isn't too good in low light

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    Get the canon hfs100 its got a bigger lense than on most consumer camcorders and you can buy it new of ebay for 600 quid don't buy it from shops or you will pay about 800+

    Low light test here -
    When the pin is pulled mr grenade is not your friend but when the handle flys off he definitely hates you

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