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    Hi, I wanted to make an intro for my videos, so I came up with this: Pictures by Wombat_Assassin - Photobucket

    But I want a few things changed but I have NO idea how to do them (I'm a noob at this)
    I wanted to somehow, if possible, make a moving version of the background if possible, and make the letters 3D, I think that will help it look alot better, if anyone could give any more tips on ways to make it look better, or help edit the video for me I would be HUGELY thankful. I can send anyone the Sony Vegas Project file if anyone needs it. Please help ASAP HUGE thanks if you can!!

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    I don't think you can do this sort of thing with Vegas. You need something like After Effects or a specialised titling program.

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    Just a word of warning; if you were to use that on a film, I'm not sure exactly what the rules read these days but I recognise the audio as the beginning of a relatively popular song. I'm sure it wouldn't be long before someone from higher up removes the audio if uploaded to YouTube or something similar. Not being critical, just speaking from experience.

    Anyway, I like a challenge. Dependent on the Uni load I get tomorrow, I might have a crack on Motion at it tomorrow.

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    Good advice from Sarghm on the music. Whatever else you may include in your films, at least make sure you have the rights to use any music/video in idents, titles etc. Or you might see whole films pulled because of it.

    As for moving backgrounds - what exactly are you after? You can do simome stuff with Vegas (using Track Motion and or noise textures)
    As for text, midnight is right. Vegas makes it a cinch to move 2D text (or 2D anything else) in a 3D plane, but if you want 3D titles use a 3D program.

    You can get very good results for 3D text from the extremely good value Bluff Titler by Outerspace Software.

    There again 3D titles are all a bit naff. I know Sarghm said he might have a go, but look at his own titles: Absolutely superb simple 2D design in my book.


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