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Thread: Blank Thumbnails and clip properties

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    Angry Blank Thumbnails and clip properties

    I am using Pinnacle Studio 9 Plus. I am having a strange problem. All my thumbnails and clip properties are blank.

    You can view a screen shot at:

    I can play the entire project and even render it without a problem.But I just cannot see the clips on the timeline - so the menu I created also has blanks instead of the clips.

    The very first clip on the timeline is visible because I replaced the old clip with a new one.

    Please help - desperate.
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    I've never come across a problem like this. The only thought I have on it is that the thumbnail file has become corrupt. If you remove the clip from the time line and then put it back it may resolve the problem.

    Sorry I can't think of another way to solve the problem.

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    I have just got the same problem, the timeline 'preview' boxes are all black.
    This has only started happening last week, and I've been using Studio 9.4 for years with no problems.
    Can make movies OK, just awkward not being able to see clips.

    If I take an 'old' M-peg movie, made earlier, and drag it to the timeline, then the preview box at the start comes up fine?? Totally lost with this, but dread having to learn to use a new editing suite (old dogs, new tricks, I'm afraid!!).

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    Have you changed or updated anything on you PC recently. How's your hard disk is it anywhere near full. Doing a defrag could help. Anything you can think of that could be different from before ?

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    Not done anything unusual these past weeks, just videos and email and normal browsing, no new programs installed.
    I've been racking my brain to try and think of anything I might have done, but I'm not normally a 'computer fiddler' - I just use it, since I'm really a novice in that department!

    But will try a defrag next. Hard disk only about 50% used, and I keep all video files etc on a second 90Gb drive which is only about 10% used.

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    Well, done defrag, uninstall and re-install from disc (and downloaded the 9.4.3 full patch) and run anti virus and spyware progs - but still the black boxes !!

    Have noticed, if I rightclick on a clip in the timeline and select "Set thumbnail" the black box does 'flash' as if it's trying to do something, but stays black??

    Looks like Pinnacle has finally bombed, after all these years, and I'll need to learn a new prog for my videos.

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    Wow!! That sounds the same as my problem. Will post if something works. Pinnacle worked fine for years and then suddenly last week - the problem happened.

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    Default This is a Pinnacle problem

    I had a perfectly good project - until 2 days ago on a completely different hard drive. And that has also started showing the same problem. I think I need to migrate to a newer version of pinnacle studio. Are they backward compatible - ie can my old project be imported.

    I am pretty sure its pinnacle studio automatic update or some other windows update that is causing this problem and not a bad disk sector.

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    I'm not sure if this is a problem you are having with all your projects or just your current one. If it's the current one try rendering the project (make movie) to an avi and start again using this new avi file.

    I wonder if it's more a graphics card problem/driver/Direct Draw/DirectX or something along those lines. I remember downloading a PCI graphics card patch from pinnacle years ago

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    These are 2 completely different projects on 2 different computers (one with XP and the other with Vista) exhibiting the same problem - both projects were working fine earlier.

    I did render it in a new avi file - same problem - renders properly - just the clips are all blank.

    So I guess it cannot be a graphics card problem.

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