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Thread: .MOV XDCAM to DV for iMovie HD?

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    Default .MOV XDCAM to DV for iMovie HD?

    Hi, I recently got a JVC HD camcorder that exports in either .MP4 or .MOV, and I'm trying to edit the videos in iMovie. They are usually short (20minute) clips that just need some titles at the beginning, so FCP is kinda overkill. The .MP4 file is strange, and won't open in Quicktime 7 so I jumped to the .MOV format and found out that it's video format is XDCAM through the Quicktime video info window. Does anyone know of any type of software that will surely convert this to .dv so that I can edit in iMovie HD? The quality of the picture just needs to be DVD quality, so I'm not too concerned about keeping HD 1080.

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    Have a look at "Handbrake" to see if that can help you.


    Failing that... Final Cut Express is a lot cheaper than Final Cut Pro, is identical apart from a few things which you will never use anyway and 99% of the people claiming to edit on FCP actually use FCE.

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    Thanks for the response. The new handbrake looks like it could have worked, potentially, however I'm also running OS X 10.4 Tiger which the new handbrake doesn't support. I may add that I am running on a Dual-core PPC G5 (not intel) and I have Final Cut Pro, so buying isn't whats killing me. I just have to show a handful of people how to use it as well and iMovie has a much shorter learning curve.

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    XDCAM needs trans-coding for some systems.

    Check the Sony site. Here you can download the appropiate application:
    Sony | Micro Site - XDCAM EX

    The Mac version may be this one:
    Sony | Micro Site - XDCAM EX

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