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I am selling 3 parts of the Sennheiser K6 system. All of them are new and unused. They were purchased for a film project a little over a year ago but the film maker brought his own mics and the project has now finished. We kept them for the duration in case we needed spares. The parts have only ever been out of their boxes so I could take the pictures for Ebay and have been stored in a cool, dry mic cupboard at the private recording studio that I use.

The links below are to the ebay auctions for each piece of kit. I am selling them as I am not likely to be involved in a film project again and they are not the kind of mics I am likely to use in the recording studio!

Please have a look at the links below and feel free to ask me any questions.

Sennheiser K6

Sennheiser ME62

Sennheiser ME66