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    Default extracting audio from video

    zup guys.. im new here and i kinda suck in things like these that why i registered in this forum. okay heres my question, how can i extract a the audio of a music video?

    heres the video that ive been working on:

    i love this song ill be using it in a gig. cant find anything that is in mp3 format.

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    Find a website that lets you download YouTube videos, put it into a video editing program and just render it as an mp3.( you can GOOGLE or search YouTube "how to download YouTube videos")

    I know that Sony Acid lets you import 1 track of video(or something like that). So if you have that just drop it into Sony Acid and render as mp3. I'm not sure if you have to delete the video track.

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    I know that CoolEdit Pro V2.0 will do so, and save the sound as mp3, wma or whatever . It's pretty expensive though

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    If you are working on a Mac, then iMovie, which comes bundled with most Macs allows you to extract the audio. You simply import the video into iMovie, then right click on the video and select 'Extract Audio' from the choices.

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    I agree that Cool Edit Pro 2.0 will do the job.
    But to my knowledge, they don't make Cool Edit Pro anymore.
    Adobe bought them out and renamed it Adobe Audition.

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