Well I've spent a fair bit of time looking at other posts and I have a few questions:

Is it not possible to just copy the files that sit on a dvd to your harddrive and edit them? I ask this because I have copied a disc I made in a DVD camcorder to my harddrive (by the Copy/Paste method). It plays fine on in media player except that the little progress bar that tells you how long you have left/run through stops after about 7 seconds or so, but the video and the soun continue.

I didn't think much of this until i tried to edit the movie. I imported the files on my harddrive into MyDVD, it ran through the process but when it was finished insted of there being 3 chapters there was 1 chapter that was about 7 seconds long (it does seem to cut of where the mediaplayer progress bar stops).

Has anyone got any ideas about what is going wrong or why?