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Thread: voice recorder for video soundrack

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    Default voice recorder for video soundrack

    I intend shortly to make a documentary film. I have reasonably decent camera (sony XR520VE) but the mic on it is not good. I've a Rode StereoVideoMic, which is ok (it picks up a lot of external noise - impossible to have it attached to the camera). I bought it in a hurry and although it'll probably do, I'm not convinced it'll do the job and wondering if I need another.

    At the same time, I want to buy a new digital voice recorder. It occurred to me that I could invest in a good quality one and use it both for voice recording (interviews) and for independent sound for video. In the latter case there would presumably be the two options of either using it entirely independently (ie using it something like a wireless mic) and bringing the sound in at the editing stage, or plugging it in to the camera as an external mic.

    Any suggestions? Is this a good idea? Or not at all? If so, what sort of recorder? The top Olympus and Sony models seem to have good reviews.


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    Have a look at the Zoom H2 they seem quite popular on these forums and seems a very reasonable price.

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