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    I am looking for two camera operators, who have their own cameras and who are looking to gain experience of shooting in a secure legal warehouse environment. You will preferably appreciate sound system culture as you will be shooting some of the biggest DJs and MCs in the Jungle and Dubstep scenes in London, as well as Hip Hop DJs and MCs (artists such as Congo Natty and Daddy Freddy). The event is on Friday 26/02/10 in London (20:00- 04:00).

    As this is a club setting, the lighting (or there lack of) will be a major factor so the experience will be challenge, however, the lighting will be taken into consideration for the cameras so it wonít be pitch black. I am looking into doing a live Internet broadcast, either at this event or the next one I am involved in.

    I do not have a budget for this and the footage is not going to be used for commercial purposes. It will be linked on the future site and blog. You will receive copies of final edits and guest list for future events.

    I will be directing the shoot and editing the rushes on my mac. I am not receiving any remuneration before, during or after the shoot. I am learning lots and gaining valuable experience about the music business. I understand that industry people will quite rightly be against working for free and this request isnít for them. This is for people (like me) who are starting out (perhaps at film school) and who are looking to build their portfolio.

    Full details of the company and event will be provided on contact.

    If you are interested in getting involved then please get in touch ASAP


    07737 133 379

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    Hey mate,

    Im very interested, give me a shout and lets see what we can pull together. I have a full HD camera setup and editing suit, with lights and multi camera options.

    Alex Brown

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