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Thread: Equalising sound in various situations

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    I, like so many before me, have severly under estimated sound in video recordings, and need to do a steep learning curve on the subject.

    I am making a series of videos - documentary style - that will comprise of voice-over, camera mic, Sennheiser ME66 mic (with deadcat) and wireless mic (to be purchased) as well as ambient sound to be recorded probably on my Edirol R-09 (which I also do the voice-over recording on).

    The problem is matching all these various recordings. Having made a very short test film using various sound recording techniques I find that apart from levels being all over the place the' tone' of the sound varies greatly, for example both the on camera mic (Canon XH-G1) is a little 'tinny' by comparison to when using the ME66, which in turn isn't a rich / smooth as the R-09 recordings (using the R-09 built-in mic).

    Ironically, I have a very cheap (literally 10) wireless mic kit bought off Ebay just to see what it was like, and is sounds better than the built-in mic on the camera, and similar in 'tone' to the ME66, OK there is a small amount of background hiss, but that is easily removed using Soundforge noise reduction plug-in to an acceptible level - I dare say real sound buffs will dispute that! Oh, just so you know, I don't intend keeping this as my wireless kit, preferring to eventually buy a Sennheiser wireless kit.

    So, I need to start learning how all this audio kit can ever get matched up, recommended books or DVDs to buy etc. I was watching a documentary the other night that was shot in all manner of conditions and the sound was perfect throughout! Almost as though it was all done in a studio with some kind of a lip-synch voice-over - not even wind noise when the guy was standing on the edge of a cliff is real blustery weather.

    Canon XH-G1
    Sony Vegas Pro 9e
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    I suggest there may be 2 subjects at the steep learning school.

    - What hardware to record with. Whilst different mics may be more suitable for particular uses, on what hardware (other than the cam) could the audio recording be made.

    - How software can be used to adjust audio.
    For Audio, I have always admired Bob Katz's book, "Mastering Audio", but it may be a little excessive.

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