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    Here's another music video I did a little while back... I watched the original by Phil Collins and wanted to give more of a darker feel to it, so I stayed in black and white. Took me awhile to get all the angles right, btu I gave it my best shot. Would appreciate any critique!

    [ame=]YouTube - In The Air Tonight Video[/ame]

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    I thought the shots and effects looked pleasant, but it felt a little too laid back (slow). I recommend an effect such as auto-tune for the vocal track to reduce some of the pitch problems.

    I look forward to seeing the video again if it gets adjusted some more.

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    James I think you are very brave to take on such a deceptively difficult song. We use to do this song in a band I was in a few years back so I've very familiar with it. So well done for giving it a go. I want to stay away from the vocal performance as it was out of time and tune in parts and concentrate on the video you produced.

    It is a very dark song and this is well reflected with the visuals. You did a good job with the lightning, I thought there was a good mix of shots for this type of song. Just the right amount of FX etc. The glow effect worked for me. And you looked right in your performance.

    All round good video.

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    Striking images with a really good/strange atmosphere to it.
    The images are good enough to keep you glued to the video.
    The timing was awful inplaces and the sound distorted with too much mod in places.
    My last video was distorted too if it helps.

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    I'm sorry to sound harsh, but I found it too painful to listen to. Slightly out of tune is sometimes worse than badly out of tune.

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    To do a cover version of an extremely well known almost iconic song has always seemed a bizarre thing to do.
    If you do it faithful to the original, no ones going to take any notice of it because it can only be an imitation & if you mess around with it no ones going to like it because the original version is so ingrained in their heads.
    But to video yourself doing it badly seems even more bizarre.
    We actually like your voice (as on your Eddie Rabbit cover), but surely you couldnt have been happy with your performance on this one?
    The video itself wasnt bad & I think it could have worked with a different song.
    Our advice is to choose great songs that were never big hits.

    Sarah & Allison & Tina

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