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Thread: Media Studio 7 and Win7

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    Just upgraded to Win7 and MS pro7 will not play any audio. This seems to be problem with version 8, but has some work rounds, which don't seem to be working with MS7. Any suggestion?


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    What I have found out is that if I create a video with movie maker and import into ULEAD MSP7. the audio appears on the audio timeline, but there is still no sound when the project is played. I think it might be a codec problem. Any ideas?

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    I've been using microsoft's movie maker but find it very restricting. And keep having a go at Ulead MSP7 with no joy. What I've tried is importing all type of files, but still no sound! If I import a wav file try to monitor it I get "no hardware detected or not responding". Well the files will play in other software packages. So I suspect that MSP is not talking to the system, I've seen suggestions on google that it could be down to the "wrong" dll. Now this is well above my pay grade, any suggestion?

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