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Thread: Dual Layer - Freezes after half way

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    Default Dual Layer - Freezes after half way

    Hi All!

    I use Adobe Encore CS4 to design menus and burn on DVD.

    I have tried to burn on Dual layer:
    Data Write - 2.4x 8.5GB DVD +R DL

    When i watch the DVD (which uses up 7GB of space), i get up to 30-40 mins and all of a sudden the video starts to do some stop/start/freezing. This is starting to bug me as i have no idea why it could be doing that. I have also burnt up to 7 DVD DL discs to make sure its not a configuration.

    I have also updated the firmwire for the dvd burner:

    Can someone please tell me what to do? I really need this DVD working urgently

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    have tried playback on an alternative dvd player to elimanate the possibility of a technical fault with the player?
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    Yes I have tried 2 computers (work smoothly), and 3 DVD players. Different issues with each one but at same spot of the DVD. Either keep freezing, or lines or very jumpy.

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    Don't know your authoring programme, but the only problem I've ever had with DL was when using a data Write. Changed to Verbatim DL+R 18 months ago and not had a single coaster.

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