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    Hi guys,

    I decided to buy myself a camcorder having never own one, the reason for the purchase is that me and the fellas are off to some snowboarding in a couple of days and i wanted to catch some footage.

    I bought a Sanyo Xacti VPC-FH1 which i thought was a pretty cool camera, to be honst i have no idea what i've bought.

    I thing i'm unsure on is what setting i should shoot in, i would like to get the footage on some software when i get home to do some slow motion shots etc.

    The options i have are :-

    Full-HR 1920x1080 60fps HR
    Full-HD 1920x1080 60field/s
    Full-SHQ 1920x1080 30fps SHQ
    HD-SHQ 1289x720 30fps SHQ

    and a few lower res options which i'm really not interested.

    Thanks in advance


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    Well considering your shooting slow motion shots do it in Full-HR 1920x1080 60fps HR.

    Basically this will mean when you slow it down in your video editing program it will be much more smoother than if you slowed down 30fps footage.
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