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Thread: My other video - yes its car related :(

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    Default My other video - yes its car related :(

    [ame=]YouTube - Wayne Douglas' Peugeot 106 Rallye[/ame]

    This video is of my friends car.

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    some very nice shots particularly the drive by tracking shots, slightly let down with a bit of camera wobble and not so smooth panning ... maybe that's the youtube streaming ?

    think the film would benefit from some engine/ambient noise ? also some of the footage looked a bit flat i think some colour grading would work wonders

    very enjoyable look forward to future output

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    lol camera wobble is down to my shakey hand im afraid - i need to practice with the tripod a bit more (alot more me thinks)

    I used two different cameras for this a Mini DV and HDD - found colours on the MiniDv alot better, alot more vibrant but when we where converting we lost quality. (a friend of a friend converted them for me and i got them in .avi format and only the sound would work in SV 8.0 so i converted to WMV)

    I agree on the engine/ambient sound point too - need to work that into my next couple of projects.

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