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Thread: Help with rendering & burning settings

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    Default Help with rendering & burning settings

    Hi All,
    I am new to this forum, new to video (used to be a stills man) and new to Vegas Pro 9! I find myself with more time than I know what to do with, so decided on this new ‘hobby’.

    I am using a Canon XH-A1 (HDV 1440x1080 50i – PAL) after editing my masterpieces I will burn either on to DVD and/or Blu-ray. However, I did a quick few minutes testing filming / editing and went to 'render as' and have been somewhat overwhelmed by the array of options and choices that present themselves to me - so I decided to join the forum and ask!

    I am looking for the best quality output to burn to DVD’s or Blu-ray but haven’t a clue what options to select, the instruction manual isn’t helpful as I do not know the meanings of or implications of using the various settings.

    When I started editing I was asked to select Project properties and I have stayed safe with the default settings for the HDV 1080-50i (1440x1080, 25.000 fps) template+
    Width 1440 Field order: Upper filed first
    Hieght: 1080 Pixel aspect ratio: 1.3333 (HDV 1080)
    Output rotation 0
    Frame rate 25.000 fps
    Pixel format: 8 bit
    Full resolution rendering quality: Good
    Motion blue: Gaussian
    DeInterlace method : None

    I assume they are the best settings for the camera?

    At those settings, after editing I go to ‘render as’ and the default settings – which I am sure are not the best – are:
    Save as type: Video for Windows (*.avi)
    Template: HD 1080-50i YUV
    Description: HD 1080 50i usuing Sony YUV codec
    Open DML compatible
    Audio 48,000 Hz 16bit Stereo PCM
    Video: 25fps 1920x1080 upper field first YUV
    Pixel Aspect Ratio: 1.000

    I would be very grateful for any help on the best settings for me to use to burn to DVD and burn to Blu-ray – thanks in advance

    Oh! One final question (very newbie) when I 'render as' does Vegas automatically burn the disk after rendering?
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    If you are burning to a standard DVD the with Sony's DVD architect there is a standard template for this. A DVD is usually in an mpeg2 format, when written on the disk this will be called a .vob file.

    If you want to keep the high definition and are burning to a Blue Ray there is a template for this as well. I don't have a Blue Ray burner so I've never done this.

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    @Midnight Blue: I've not even looked at Sony's DVD Architect yet! I'm confused enough just with vegas.

    I have read on various forums that rendering through DVD Architect can be extremely slow, hence my asking about rendering in Vegas and burning from there.

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    What I meant was, when chooseing a format to render IN VEGAS there is a template for DVD Archietect. If the final output will be to a DVD you may as well render for that so you are not having to re-render later and loos picture quality. As the more you render a video the more quality loss you get. So the best proceedier for eventually putting on to a standard DVD is to:-
    1. click on render as
    2. select save as type - MainConcept mpeg-2
    3. Template DVD Achitect PAL widescreen video stream
    4. Click on the custom button
    5. make sure Best is selected on the Project tab video rendering quality
    6. All other setting should be ok for what you need

    If you are going to burn a Blue ray eventually when rendering IN VEGAS select the Save as type to Sony AVC. Like I said earlier I've never done a blue ray so I'm not sure about these settings.

    Hope that helps.

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    @Midnight Blue: Thanks for the more detailed explanation. I shall have a go when I get home!

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