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    Default video tape download to pc

    Hi...can anyone tell me how to connect and download DV video from the tape of Canon MV650i from the camera to the PC. i can do it for the card but can't for the tape. the instructions that come with the camera and the software do not say either. I know it is possible though.


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    Welcome to the forums.

    Please see this latest post in a long line of firewire connections

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    Thanks! That clears it up!!
    What s/w could I use with this camera to down load the footage?

    Cheers again..

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    If you have Windows XP, you already have basic video editing software. Do a search on your hard drive for "Windows Movie Maker.'

    Windows Movie Maker is veeery basic though. For $100, you can get Pinnacle Studio 9 Plus. This is by far the best video editing software that I have used in this price range.
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    Thanks for that, I was having a look at pinacle on the web also.

    Thanks again.....Paul.

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    Or you could download a few free 30 day trial versions of the software used on this forum and see which one you like best before parting with any money.

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