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Thread: What technique is used to make these kind of effects?

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    Default What technique is used to make these kind of effects?

    I am just fascinated in these kind of effects. Somebody know what's used to perform such manipulations? Down below you will find some examples. By the way I didn't know in which forum to post, I couldn't find a quite perfect one so i choosed this one.

    The intro in this movie:
    [ame=]NON Records audioreel december '09 on Vimeo[/ame]

    Some gif pictures with similar effects.

    Anyone have an idea? Thanks in advance.

    Kid E.

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    Most of the effects appear straightforward. I could see:

    1) A collection of clips of 2d text, with different colours and opacity.
    2) A collection of backgrounds
    3) Texts layered over backgrounds,
    4) Something to make the camera appear to wobble.

    "How" to do it depends on what software you use.

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    Yeah, sure! You somewhat stated some of the obvious stuff though The part my concern was about was more about the wobbling in the video, like it was from an old tv show or something with a bad connection. I think it looks so pretty!

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    Some Forum readers may remember themselves, or their families, having televisions with simple technologies and poor reception. Pretty, pretty nasty.

    I think there are several effects which used to occur. Those included:
    1) wobbly pictures
    2) static
    3) frames rolling before the eyes
    4) image quality coming and going

    I am sorry for saying obvious things

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    Try somethign like Red Giant Software: Holomatrix 1.0 combined with twitch from in After Effects.

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