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    Can anyone tell me what we need to do to make sure that a video we record of our daughters wedding in England will play on DVD players in Australia. We don't know whether it has to be recorded in a certain way or whether it can be filmed on an english video recorder as normal and then converted after it has been filmed. I know that our DVD's don't work in Oz so need to make sure the wedding will be able to be played there. We are complete novices so need a non technical reply. Thanks

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    Its Pal same as ours; don't have the zones enabled. Not too sure about sound though as there are different frequencies. As europe is different to the UK on the audio with Pal, check out the links below.

    Also in Austraila DVB-T introduction started in 2001 (PAL to be abandoned for DVB-T by 2013)

    [ame=]PAL - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia[/ame]

    [ame=]DVD region code - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia[/ame]

    DVB-T - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Hope this helps....

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    Oz is a British Colony still and I shoot weddings here for a living and many brides have sent DVD's back to the UK for relatives to watch without any issues.

    If the DVD is burnt on a normal DVD drive then it not have any regions applied anyway so it will be watchable on any PAL system.

    I think you can safely rest assured that your UK made DVD will play just fine here. With a flood of cheap DVD players available here from China, they also seem to be able to play ANY format ..both my players run PAL and NTSC without as much as a hiccup!!


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