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    I've only been doing video editing and effects in AE for a short time now, but I've been singing most of my life. I figured why not put the two together. So I got myself a Sony Handycam and put a green sheet on my wall and starting creating my own music videos. I really would like some opinions. I realize I'm still pretty new, but any advice would be great. Thanks

    Here is my latest music video... a remake of Eddie Rabbitt's I Love a Rainy Night...

    [ame=]YouTube - I Love a Rainy NIght[/ame]

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    From a technical aspect I thought it was pretty well done. The greenscreen looked crisp and the motion tracking on the two sides of the building was excellent. I wasn't sure about the use of the low res background - it sort of spoiled the magic for me.

    From an aesthetic point of view I'd suggest that apart from the rain, the film didn't really match the music:
    Some of the backgrounds seemed ouit of place (eg the skyscraper).
    The song sounds like a warm group effort (even if it was all you) and this didn't sit so well with just one single solitary human in the video. You could have introduced others, or more copies of yourself.
    But the worst thing was nearly all the shots were long shots and straight on.
    Give us more close ups and angles, odd shots of just hand strumming, feet tapping etc.

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    I quite liked it and thought you gave a good performance. It might have been nice if there had been passers by sheltering form the rain that you came across as you where strolling through the streets singing. It looked a bit odd during the guitar solo as though you wasn't sure what to do. ie keep strumming or mime along to the lead guitar.

    I think you did a good technical job with the green-screen and FX etc. and I liked the over all look of the video. You seemed to keep one camera position. Is this due to been a "one man band". The slow pans you did was not enough to compensate for the lack of shots. The shot on the side of the building looked good but was used to much like all of the background due to the lack of anything really happening.

    It sounds like I'm knocking what you've done please believe me when I say I'm not as I did like it. I just see room for improvement in your next video and would like to see how it turns out.

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    I liked it. And particularly the use of green screen. As we could see your feet, does your screen cover the floor as well ?( I would love to see a photo of the room, to show where things were positioned.). I also liked the reflection of the feet on the wet ground.

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    very impressive especially as you say your new to all this.

    can you share with us how you put it together

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    I enjoyed the atmosphere and style of the video, even though the vocal had a similarity to the tone and style of the King Elvis (Never my favourite).

    I can only re-inforce what has been previously stated. For me there are too many head on shots held fo too long. If these had been broken up with close ups and different angles it would have improved it for me.

    Great effort .

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    Thanks everyone... I know I gotta work on more varied angles... hard to do with a tripod and just myself. However, I have been working on something. I'll post it when it's done.
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    Quote Originally Posted by solway View Post
    I enjoyed the atmosphere and style of the video, even though the vocal had a similarity to the tone and style of the King Elvis (Never my favourite).
    Hey Don't knock the King! LOL He's looking down on us right now with a peanut butter and nanner samwich in his cletches and will smite you! LOL

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    Congratulations as if you have not been editing long you did a good job on this film. With your singing talent, editing ability and the power of After Effects your imagination is the only limiting factor on what you will be able to produce.

    Don't overlook the fact that you can use the animation features of AE to add further movement to you static backgrounds. You can fake lights turning on and off in the windows of the houses, film friends just walking or standing and talking against your green screen and then shrink them down and put them into the scene etc etc. You could even use the puppet tool and animate inanimate objects. I imagined a couple of street lamps swaying in time to the beat.

    I envy you in a way. You are now free to perform any song you wish and create your own music video as a further visual interpretation of the song. Youtube, Vimeo and a host of more specialised websites then gives you the opportunity to market yourself. This place will provide the critique Unlike a lot of film makers who often have video block and can't think of something to film, you should not suffer from that as you just pick another song

    Good luck with your work.

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    A very nice effort, and some good critique above. I too liked it with just one caveat.
    The shadow cast in front of the singer (you) did not match the lighting and should have fallen behind the subject. A nitpick yes, but it annoyed me a little. Otherwise very well done.
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